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Redazione AEVF

“A pilgrim has many rights and as many responsibilities”. We have seen today in a concrete action, when a group of twenty people slowly travelled along the Via Francigena from Santa Cristina to Orio Litta and continued towards Piacenza, on 10 and 11 June 2017 committed to an engaging project: “I Love Francigena”.

The European Association of the Via Francigena Ways (EAVF) and Itineraria organised this project: a travel event to raise awareness among route enthusiasts in cleaning the route and maintaining the signage. The twenty pilgrims, led by the representatives of the two associations and armed with gloves and bags, walked along the European Cultural Route, becoming users and at the same time its protectors.

Walking along the two stages in Lombardy, a prelude before entering the Emilia region, you slowly approach the Po river, always visible from the top of the embankment, which flows lazily along the Po Valley.

The path offers a panoramic view of the Po valley landscapes that never stops: the farmhouses and the various colours of the cultivated fields follow one another and alternate in a fascinating polychromy that accompanies the pilgrim along his journey.

Walking these stage you see hostels, welcoming travellers with friendship and hospitality, and pilgrims, travelling alone or in couples, who share their experiences and create bonds between people.

The two days hike had a great success and excellent results. The second edition is already scheduled for 24 and 25 June 2017, which has the same objectives. Read more about the event here.

Luca Faravelli

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