Via Francigena

‘Hospitale’ inaugurated in Lamporo

Picture of Redazione AEVF
Redazione AEVF

On 22nd September the new ‘Hospitale’ for Via Francigena pilgrims was inaugurated in Lamporo (VC).

Lamporo, a town of just over 560 inhabitants, is on the route that leads from Montgenèvre/Moncenisio to Vercelli, which reunite as a single route to Rome.

“In 2008, walking along the Via Francigena from our home (Gassino Torinese), we were welcomed by the Parish priest of the time, Don Francesco Ottavis” reports Pietro Posa, President of the Custodi Association Via Francigena Torino-Lamporo “After his death in 2009, it remained open for a while, but due to a self-proclaimed fake pilgrim, the reception was closed.”

Finally, the Lamporo structure has been reopened: the municipal administration has loaned a facility that has been whitewashed, cleaned and furnished for the use of the Custodi Association Via Francigena Torino-Lamporo. It consists of a large kitchen, a room with 8 beds for pilgrims, a room with 2 beds for hosts and a bathroom equipped with a shower.

‘Hospitale’ is run by donation. The new hostel has been dedicated to Don Francesco Ottavis to carry on the memory of his hospitality towards pilgrims.