Via Francigena


Picture of Redazione AEVF
Redazione AEVF

At the arrival of the Lake Bolsena marathon, the Pilgrim’s Rest was inaugurated at the presence of the Assessor for Culture of Montefiascone Fabio Notazio, of the Vice president of the Municipal Council Rita Chiatti, of the President of the network Villaggio della Tuscia Luigi De Simone and of the executive director of Historia Publisher Elisabetta Ferrari.To the Pilgrim’s Rest adhered, with the support of the European Association of the Vie Francigene (EAVF), the Association Via Francigena of Montefiascone (AVFM), the Municipality of Montefiascone, the Chamber of Commerce of Viterbo, Historia Publisher and the network Villaggio della Tuscia.

Seen the success of the initiative, the welcoming and refreshment point of the pilgrim will be present in Montefiascone during all the next events connected to the Via Francigena.

“At the Pilgrim’s Rest, all the participants of the Marathon were able to taste the extraordinary food and wine products of the business network Villaggio della Tuscia, and in particular the cured pork meats of the GAM, the wine of the Leonardi wine cellar (very well-accepted was the white Est Est Est and the red Defuk), the biologic oil and the goat’s cheeses of Marrugio – describe the organisers -. Also well-accepted the prizes offered by Hotel Salus Terme, won by a Viterbo woman, the Leonardi wine and the Marrugio oil won by two participants who are part of volunteer associations, and the ceramic given by Historia Publisher to the only couple who participated to the Marathon with their dog”.

Reporting the comments of the runners, according to everyone the local food and wine passed with the highest marks, proving that it is one of the excellences of the territory. “After enjoying the beauty of the landscape, the best thing was to be able to rest, eat and drink together. The extremely positive judgement is confirmed by the fact that, after a few hours, the trays were all empty and nicely clean! About this, a thanks need to be said to La Capanna del Pescatore for the hospitality and to the volunteers who organised the Pilgrim’s Rest and distributed good things to everybody. A toast to Lidio Crescentini for the invention of the marathon and an applause to everyone who believed in it”.

The Via Francigena is by now a warranty for success.