Via Francigena

From La Storta to San Pietro, volunteer pilgrims adding signage on the road

Picture of Redazione AEVF
Redazione AEVF

On Sunday 17th February, a group of volunteers travelled the Roman section of the Via Francigena in agreement with the European Association of Via Francigena Ways (EAVF) with the aim to refresh the signage between La Storta and San Pietro.

 Stefano Cardarelli, Marco Petrelli (president of Valorizziamo Veio), Flavia Mirolo, Luciano Naticchioni and Ugo De Cola took to the road to improve visibility along the route, given the beginning of the season which will attract many pilgrims from all over the world to the tomb of St Peter.

Armed with rucksacks and EAVF red and white stickers, the pilgrim volunteers checked the state of the historic route, adding new signage where necessary. A monitoring system of the territory put in place by a group of friends passionate about hiking and the Francigena together with the association Valorizziamo Veio. The areas involved include: Via Cassia in the section between La Storta and La Giustiuniana to the entrance of the park of Insugherata, Via Trionfale and the parks of Monte Mario, via Gomenizza and viale Angelico.

 “As we travelled we me many local people who were very enthusiastic about our initiative – say the organisers – we also had the chance to speak to teachers from “Stefanelli” middle school who are planning a project along the Via Francigena“.

 As well as refreshing the signage, the group of volunteers also checked the state of the route. “We made the competent authorities aware of a part of the route which had been flooded with water in Insugherata, we advise that pilgrims skirt around the area“.

 Our monitoring of the area will continue with other initiatives in collaboration with Valorizziamo Veio and many pilgrims passionate about the Francigena.