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From cinema to web, a crowdfunding project for “Le energie invisibili”

Picture of Redazione AEVF
Redazione AEVF

After its debut in cinemas, the film “Invisible energies, from Milan to Rome along the Way” is preparing to land online.

The independent documentary made by Luca Contieri dedicated to the Via Francigena will, in fact, be distributed free online. To achieve this new goal, the director and his friend and photographer, Mimmo Lanzafame, launched a crowdfunding project on the well-known Ulule platform.

It’s been two years since the day when Mimmo and I left on foot from Milan to Rome for a two reasons: the first, to see a good part of Italy on foot, and the second, less obvious, to document our adventure and make sense of it – explains the director on the film’s Facebook page – Both companies have succeeded greatly: the film was shown in cinemas and that still excites me a lot. Another important day: after sharing the film with so many people who went to see it I want everyone to have the chance to see it, and for this I need your help“.

The goal is 5 thousand euros in 45 days. If the budget is reached (if this does not happen, the contributions will be reimbursed) the film will be uploaded on Youtube on 1st January 2019. The collected contributions will also be used to finance the promotion of a new project on Italian routes. In addition to giving a fair compensation to the various collaborators who have made this project possible, the fundraising will be used to finance the pre-production of a series on Italian routes, details of which I will give more information soon“, confirms Contieri.

The final objective is the promotion of slow tourism and routes in Italy. To do so, Mimmo and Luca decided to get involved. Among the rewards of crowdfunding is a day of walking with the authors from Milan to Pavia.