Via Francigena

“Free Wheel”: the wheelchair journey by Pietro Scidurlo along the Via Francigena

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Redazione AEVF

“Free Wheel” is a cross media project and a web-doc platform, which tell you a story of Pietro Scidurlo, a man with limited abilities travelling along the Via Francigena by hand-bicycle.

Numerous audio-visual, graphic and textual tools of the platform will allow a reader to discover his story, territories crossed, their culture and people. An interactive communication network is focused on cultural enhancement of the Via Francigena.

In 2012 Pietro founded the Free Wheels, a non-profit organization. On its website he presents himself: “Pietro Scidurlo, born in 1978, is not able to walk due to an incorrect medical assistance during childbirth. One day he realises: being in a right environment lets one regain control. In August 2012, at the age of 33, he travels the entire French Way of Saint James’ route towards Santiago de Compostela by hand-bicycle. He later founds Free Wheels Onlus to show everyone that any pilgrimage and walking routes, crossing woods, mountains and ancient villages may be accessible for people with special needs. “

The project “Free Wheel” is narrated by Pietro. During the travel he will cross the Via Francigena in upper Lazio from Acquapendente to Rome, cycling an area of Tuscia and learning about its landscapes, history, villages and towns.

The project’s platform will allow you to establish a personalised way of discovery: via videos, photos and graphic materials that make up the architecture of this initiative. At the same time an e-book will be created, based on Pietro’s travel diary along the route.

During the journey, Pietro will carry out mapping of the Via Francigena to make it more accessible, to report critical issues and to provide alternative itineraries.