Via Francigena

Francigena art: a mural dedicated to pilgrims in Vetralla

Redazione AEVF
Redazione AEVF

A new mural dedicated to pilgrims beautifies the town of Vetralla and enhances the Via Francigena. The art piece was performed by an artist Alessandro Ridolfi on a surrounding wall of a monastery of Benedictine nuns in Strada Giardino in Cura. The work, financed with donations gathered from organised walks “La Francigena da Sigerico a noi” (“from Francigena of Sigeric to us”), draws attention of citizens of Vetralla and visitors to the Via Francigena.

It is not the first mural that transforms Vetralla into an open-air museum for everyone: it is already decorated with works of a naive painter Primula Campomaggiore and the mural in the Zaccaro underpass, created by the artist Jhonata Grego. The new mural adorns the town enriching it with colour and recalling its ancient history.

The initiative to embellish the walls comes from a group of citizens of Vetralla who want to decorate the town with figures of pilgrims along the Via Francigena, the ancient road to Rome. The mural, precisely called “The way“, reproduces the pilgrims who come out of a forest and arrive to the Saint Peter’s Square in Rome.


Source: Corriere di Viterbo


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