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Redazione AEVF

Walking. Food for the soul“: this is the theme of the 8th European Festival of the Vie Francigene.

This year the event, promoted by the European Association of Vie Francigene (EAVF) in collaboration with the CIVITA association, presents itself with a renewed graphic look and name: “European Festival Vie Francigene, Cammini, Ways and Chemins“.

After the “Nuvole e borghi” edition, the Year of Italian Villages by MIBACT, in 2018, the Festival combines the Year of Food with the Way. Celebrating food in its natural evolution and not only for the final tasting: first will be the agricultural landscape and its natural mutations, then the sharing of the collection, and lastly the identifying processes with the numerous “follow-ups” of material cultures: from craftsmanship, to refinement, from rituals to parties, etc.

There are hundreds of events, promoted for free by the Festival, which enhance the territories crossed by the paths and cultural routes of the Council of Europe. The journey continues, shared by many people joyfully promoting events along the historical route.

Members and friends are invited to join the project for free, informing us of events organised in their territory in 2018, by 10th May. They will gain international visibility for their initiatives.

To participate and for more information, visit the dedicated website and fill out the online form at: