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EAVF participates in the Annual Forum of the Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe

Picture of Redazione AEVF
Redazione AEVF

EAVF participates in the Annual Forum of the Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe, which takes place in Sibiu, Romania on 2-4 October 2019.

The 2019 edition title is “Cultural Routes for Cultural Tourism” and is organised by the Council of Europe Enlarged Partial Agreement on Cultural Routes and the Ministry of Tourism of Romania.

The Forum of Cultural Routes is the most important annual event for the Cultural Routes Programme, bringing together the Member States representatives, Cultural Routes operators, candidate networks to the certification “Cultural Route of the Council of Europe”, international organisations, local and regional authorities, civil society organisations, Chambers of Commerce, foundations and other donor organisations and heritage and tourism organisations and platforms.

The Annual Advisory Forum discusses trends and challenges in relation to Cultural Routes and provide a platform for the exchange of experience, review of progress with the implementation of Cultural Routes, debates on new professional practices, the launch of new initiatives and the development of partnerships.

The 2019 Forum provides an opportunity to focus on ways in which Cultural Routes can continue to capitalise on the growing market for cultural tourism so as to profile the cultural heritage, traditions, experiences and connectivities of Europe.

During the forum a discussion will be held how to stimulate and support the development of local, regional, national and transnational tourist economies through cultural routes.

The participants of the Forum will offer their best practices on encouragement of creativity and innovation in the cultural sector and share experiences in exchange, new mobilities and inter-cultural dialogue across Europe and internationally.


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