Via Francigena

EAVF Assignment in Tuscia. Objective: Valorising the last 100km

Redazione AEVF
Redazione AEVF

The European Association of the Via Francigena Ways (EAVF) met the mayor of Montefiascone, Massimo Paolini, and the delegate for the Via Francigena, Elisabetta Ferrari.

The interview, which took place at the Town Hall, was an opportunity to update and compare the planning of the Via Francigena, above all in the Lazio area, where walkers and pilgrims are constantly on the road.

Tuscia is one of the most characteristic territories of the entire European route, rich in history, environmental beauties and ancient tracts of Roman paving. “A common goal is to increase the value of the entire Lazio stretch and the last 100km of the route, as well as a structured network of the activities of individual municipalities to ensure high quality hospitality, maintenance and animation of the route” said EAVF President, Massimo Tedeschi.

During the day, President Tedeschi and EAVF director, Luca Bruschi, met the new Mayor of Viterbo – another symbolic city of the Via Francigena – Giovanni Arena, together with Senator Umberto Fusco, former councillor of the municipality, to testify his support for the development of the route in the stretch of Tuscia that coincides with a prestigious thermal break point.