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#CycleToRecycle: Myra Stals arrives in Fidenza

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Yesterday Myra Stals arrived to Fidenza, bringing her energy and enthusiasm of the #CycletoRecycle project.

Myra, originally from the Netherlands, has been living in Italy for 7 years. On 4 July she left Turin on her cargo bike for a long trip across Italy: 6500km and three months on the road. During the first part of the journey she will follow the Via Francigena, up to Santa Maria di Leuca.

CycletoRecycle is a project focused on environmental sensibilisation: during the journey Myra collects plastic waste, raising awareness about one of the biggest problems of our planet. Myra also conducts public  meetings with local communities, associations, citizens and presents her achievements in videos, LIVES and photos that can be followed on her webplatfom and Facebook page.

Myra was welcomed in Fidenza at the symbolical place – the Cathedral square next to the EAVF headquarters by the Mayor Andrea Massari and councilor Maria Pia Bariggi. Myra also met EAVF staff Luca Bruschi, Micol Sozzi, Luca Faravelli, Elena Dubinina and visited the office.

CycletoRecycle also includes a fundraiser for the #BancoAlimentare (Food Bank) for families in difficulty.

Today Myra left Fidenza for a demanding stage, passing Cisa pass on her way to Pontremoli.

A great story to follow and a splendid project to support. If you meet her on the street, welcome her with a smile: she will be happy to stop and chat with you!

To find out more and to follow his journey: