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Cycle routes, agreement between Unione Montana Valle Susa and Haute Maurienne-Vanoise

Redazione AEVF
Redazione AEVF

The Montana Valle Susa and the Communautè des Commune Haute Maurienne Vanoise with the Syndicat du Pays de Maurienne will sign a nonbinding agreement on bicycle mobility between the two territories on Saturday 22nd September 2018, as part of an event organised in collaboration with the FIAB delegation (Federazione Italiana Amici della Bicicletta onlus).

There will be two key moments during the afternoon: the first at the Colle del Moncenisio in France and the second at the Municipality of Moncenisio in Italy: the inaugural moment of the new route of the AIDA Cycleway (Alta Italia da Passaggio).

What is AIDA? It is a route promoted by the FIAB BICITALIA network with the aim of joining the Moncenisio pass with Trieste through the reconstruction of existing routes, developing local mobility as well as touristic routes: a total of 900km along the Susa Valley, the Cavour Canal crossing the great cities of northern Italy.

In this national project the Valle di Susa returns thanks to the CicloVia Francigena and the Bike Area, among the flagship projects of the Montana Valle Susa: the Via Francigena, both pedestrian and cycle paths, involves all 22 municipalities of the Unione Montane and 3 other municipalities, among which the municipality of Moncenisio, the first Italian municipality on the Via Francigena.

Here lies the heart of a collaboration between two cycling routes of the Maurienne with “Le plus grand domaine cyclable du monde®” and the Bike Area of Valle di Susa: the acronym of the nonbinding agreement aims to work on a historical path which links and strengthens the development of tourism and the practice of cycling; equipped with a system of connected services, with a careful look at the planning of the entire territory from the Alps to Turin.

What will happen on Saturday 22nd September? At 2pm the departure by bike from the Colle del Moncenisio crosses military roads that go up from the Variselle Fort to Arpone and then descend to the municipality of Moncenisio, following the first stretch of CicloVia Francigena Valle di Susa. At 3.30pm the Ecomuseo Le Terre at the Border of Moncenisio will host the Italian and French representatives and their guest cyclists for a presentation of their projects and the signing of the nonbinding agreement.

It doesn’t end here: on Sunday 23rd September the FIAB group will leave for the bicusaffetta from Susa to Verona, where the second group coming from Trieste will unite for the last day: they will stop at Cascina Roland for the inauguration of the first cyclist rest-stop, Albergabici FIAB.

All administrators and tour operators of the territory are invited to Monsenisio on the 22nd September at 15.30 to share a first step towards the construction of an effective collaboration for touristic development of the Valleys of Susa and Maurienne.

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