Via Francigena

COVID update in Italy: curfew, red zones and compulsory masks

Redazione AEVF
Redazione AEVF

The European Association of the Via Francigena ways EAVF kindly asks pilgrims and walkers travelling along the route in Italy or preparing their travel to be informed about the latest government’s anti-COVID decrees:

Obligation to wear a mask both indoors and outdoors (children under the age of 6 and those who practice sports including jogging are excluded). Nation-wide.  

– In Valle D’Aosta the municipality of Chambave is declared a Red Zone, the passage through this area is forbidden. The municipality is on the third Italian leg of the Via Francigena.

– In Piedmont all shopping centers are closed on weekends, more restrictive measures are being considered for evening trips which remain permitted for the moment.

Lombardy is on curfew from 23.00 till 05.00. Only travel motivated by proven work needs or situations of necessity or urgency or health reasons is allowed. Return to one’s home or residence and a self-declaration are allowed to certify the movements.

Emilia Romagna does not have evening restrictive measures for now but stands ready for further measures based on the trend of the epidemic curve.

– In Liguria there is a total ban on gathering on streets and a cancellation of any event throughout the region.

Tuscany for now has no special measures and no local lockdown.

– In Lazio a curfew is from midnight to 05.00, the rule is in effect from Friday 23 October.

– In Campania the ban on circulation between the provinces is sanctioned from 22 October, moving is only possible with valid reasons. It is therefore not allowed to walk along the road if the stretch involves a change of province.

– In Apulia, Red Zones were declared in Orta Nova, San Giovanni Rotondo, Manfredonia, Foggia and Lucera.