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CorreVoce, cycling outfits ready. First meeting in Aosta on 30th September

Redazione AEVF
Redazione AEVF

Cycling outfits are ready for the “CorreVoce”  cycling campaign along the Via Francigena from Aosta to Rome to raise awareness and inform people of selective mutism.

 The top includes everything you need to know, the route taken through Italy, including stops, and the AIMUSE, EAVF and technical sponsor’s headquarters. It’s a project strongly supported by AIMUSE, Italian association of selective mutism, to strengthen 10 years of work and promotion of the disorder.

Elisa Marchio, AIMUSE president explained: “In these past 10 years, we’ve done a lot to raise awareness of selective mutism, in 2018 alone we launched over 50 national events. A lot has been done, but we can still do more.

The project involves six meetings along the route, one per region. The cyclists will begin on 30th September in Aosta1st October in Ivrea (Mongrando) for CorreVoce Piedmont; 3rd October in Pavia for CorreVoce Lombardy; 4th October in Fidenza for CorreVoce Emilia Romagna; 7th October in Lucca for CorreVoce Tuscany and 13th October for the last stop in Rome for CorreVoce Lazio.

We’d like to thank our representatives from ReAl Bike Experience, Renato and Alessandro“, added Elisa, “but above all, the regional representatives and their collaborators: Sara Piazza for Piedmont; Laura Parisi for Lombardy; Chiara Mistri for Emilia Romagna; Giuseppe Monda for Tuscany and Francesca Conforti for Lazio. It’s thanks to their hard work that this project has a voice.

The “CorreVoce” project is also supported by the EAVF – European Association of Via Francigena Ways.

Source: Press release