Via Francigena

Competition launched by the region of Lazio to support art along walking routes

Picture of Redazione AEVF
Redazione AEVF

The region of Lazio has launched a new competition of 1,7 million for the support of valorisation systems for cultural heritage of spiritual walks, in the sphere of the “Arte sui cammini” project.

The region allocated 1,725,000 euros worth of resources to the “Walks” from 2017 to 2018.  They published a competition to take part in the “Atre sui Cammini” project, that aims to spread contemporary art work along religious routes, one of which the Via Francigena.   

Who is it aimed at?

Societies, businesses, associations, foundations, commercial or non-commercial art galleries.  You  just need legal or operative headquarters in Lazio, to have been established for at least 5 year and operate consistently  with the statute.  You must show a qualified experience of projects in the contemporary art sector.  

The announcement gives importance to the valorisation of aspects of landscape: isolated sculptures are not requested but it would be favourable if the works tended towards land-art with architectural contributions of the landscape that allow people to enjoy the route more.  

What is required? 
The region will finance projects that must include at least three works of art with the theme of spirituality and positioned in public areas.  The maximum contribution is 150 thousand euros, corresponding to 90% of the project, and will be used to sustain the projection costs of new works and of accessories, technical and promotional costs.  

23rd October

The municipalities involved in the initiative include: the Via Francigena del Sud , San Benedetto, Via Francigena del Nord and the il Cammino di Francesco.

News and announcement info can be found on the cultural page of the regional website.