Via Francigena

CicloVia Francigena: 150 km are now marked

Redazione AEVF
Redazione AEVF

The first stretch of the CicloVia Francigena, the cycling route onto the Via Francigena, has been marked: during the last days we placed hundreds of signals in between Vercelli and Piacenza, fulfilling three and a half of the legs, for a total length of about 150 km.

The signals are similar to those already used for the walking route, the only change is about the colour (they are white and blue instead of white and red), while, in order to recall, the affinity in between the two itineraries, the black pilgrim has been placed inside a stylised bike wheel.

We have chosen a new plastic material, thinner and sticky compared to the one used for the walking route, that has given great results. Another great idea has been the one of backing up the classical 7×21 cm bands with long ribbons that can be placed also onto big poles.

Another important news have been the round signals with the harrow, that make the changes of direction clearer, and that, if necessary, can be placed onto the other sticky supports.

The installation is managed by Stefano Mazzotti, hiking guide, a new member of the SloWays team, that travels along the path with a foldable bike with bags where he keeps the signals to be placed. At the end of the day he folds his bike and go back home using the public transportations: a comfortable and ecological solution.

Stefano is describing his work on his facebook profile, you can follow him on the facebook page of SloWays.

What are you waiting for trying the new path? You can use the train + the bike for reaching the two starting points and arrival, and also the intermediate station of Pavia. You can find the trails and the maps on

Enjoy the way!