Via Francigena

Casetta nel Borgo – Olevano Romano

Picture of Redazione AEVF
Redazione AEVF

An appartment finely restored and refurbished with a kitchen, including utencils and a washing machine, and wooden beams with exposed stones, located within the ancient walls of Olevano Romano a 6th Century medieval village 45km from Rome.The village is famous for its history, art, typical food and “Cesanese” local wine, where the absence of cars will take you back in time and will allow you relax in a quiet atmosphere.

This perfect position, close to the Via Francigena, the Via di Francesco and Cammino di San Benedetto routes, will allow you to enjoy visits to monasteries and castles or walk through nature, amongst rivers, waterfalls and mountains.

PILGRIM SPECIAL OFFER: 35 euros per day for 2 people, including breakfast, wifi, and free parking. It offers 10 euros per extra person, a tourist menu for 15 euros, a cheap taxi service to any destination on request and the Via Francignea stamp for Pilgrim Passports.

Call Christian on 0039/3336750400 (whatsapp)