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Cammino dei Papi – the Popes’ Way, great success of the second edition

Picture of Redazione AEVF
Redazione AEVF

On Sunday, September 8, the second edition of the Cammino dei Papi – the Popes’ Way – took place along the Montefiascone – Viterbo leg of the Via Francigena.

This year, the ever-growing event brought together over 400 participants, who started the hike with a great enthusiasm thanks to the magnificent rainbow over the Lake Bolsena.

The organiser, Mr Lidio Crescentini, president of the Association of the Via Francigena Ways in Montefiascone, took the floor to provide the participants with the last details and to thank the sponsor – the Todis supermarket and many volunteers from local authorities and associations – the Ambulanza Falisca, the Guardie Ecozoofile and AIDO.

The Mayor of Montefiascone, Mr Massimo Paolini, together with the Councilor for Culture, Mr Fabio Notazio, greeted the participants and recalled the importance of Montefiascone  – the 100th km on the Via Francigena before arriving in Rome. He also underlined the path’s beauty to be discovered by the walkers during this gorgeous day of sports and friendship. Among the hikers there was Ms Annamaria Olivieri, who represented the Viterbo Chamber of Commerce, and the Commander of the Montefiascone Vigils with her Deputy.

Mr Crescentini finally recalled that the idea of ​​the Cammino dei Papi – the Popes’ Way was born to reunite the Rocca dei Papi of Montefiascone with the Palazzo dei Papi of Viterbo. This initiative takes place under the patronage of the Municipality of Montefiascone, the Municipality of Viterbo, the Chamber of Commerce of Viterbo and the European Association of the Via Francigena Ways (AEVF), in which Elisabetta Ferrari participated.

The group, wearing green T-shirts, then departed and crossed Montefiascone. The stretch of the path where you walk on the ancient Roman paving, recently praised by the Meridiani journal, raised great emotions: the ancient stones make you stroll along vines and olive trees, and hide in shades of oaks. They surely know how to tell millennial stories! Several refreshment points with distribution of sweets and drinks were organized along the way, which were much appreciated.

The journey ended in front of the Palazzo dei Papi of Viterbo with the welcome speech of the Mayor of Viterbo, Mr Giovanni Arena. After that the shuttle bus brought everyone back to Montefiascone for lunch, accompanied by the famous white wine Est Est Est.

The participants expressed great satisfaction for the brilliant organisation and, above all, for having been able to enjoy an unforgettable day. Two Spanish ladies declared that this stage is the most beautiful they have ever travelled and that the Via Francigena has nothing to envy to the Saint James Ways.

Elisabetta Ferrari