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Redazione AEVF

The Francigena, the road that connects Canterbury with Rome in an about 1800 km path, is very appreciated on social networks in its Siena section. According to a study of the French University of Lille, in collaboration with the European Association of the Vie Francigene, which launched the project “The typologies of numerical cultural heritage. The case study of the Via Francigena” there is a boom of posts of travellers along this ancient route.

The research analysed the posts and interactions of pilgrims, walkers, tourists, institutions published between August 2015 and the end of June 2016 on Instagram and Twitter, from which it appears that the posts dedicated to just the Siena section of the via on Instagram are 4619 and the tweets are 7188. The study has been presented this morning at the museum of Santa Maria della Scala, one of the landing points of travellers of the road, by the president of the European Association Massimo Tedeschi and the executive director Luca Bruschi.

The study highlights another fact. The one that says that the Tuscany Francigena, a total of 380 km, is strongly growing in fame on social networks and that Siena has indeed a particular important role. During the occasion, the assessor for tourism of the Municipality of Siena Sonia Pallai displayed the enhancement initiatives of the via. Each Sunday, from the 7th May to 25th June and from 3rd September to 15th October, #Siena Francigena comes back, the urban trekking within the walls in 10 stages in just as many places crossed by the via. Moreover, two trips outside the walls of the County Seat are planned: the first in Monteriggioni, North from the city on the 6th May and the second one in Ponte d’Arbia, South from the city on the 27th May.


Attached it is possible to find the press release on the project with the University of Lille and the Siena section