Via Francigena


Redazione AEVF
Redazione AEVF

The “Official guide” of the Via Francigena on foot is the result of hard work and cooperation between European Association of the Vie Francigene – réseau porteur of the Via Francigena, designated by the Council of Europe for the safeguard and the promotion of the itinerary –, the regions of Aosta Valley, Piedmont, Lombardy, Emilia-Romagna, Liguria, Tuscany, Lazio and  the publishing house “Terre di Mezzo” of Milan.

An English guide book, by Paul Chinn and Babette Gallard, of the path from Canterbury to Rome, created by Pilgrimage Publications, with the sponsorship of the European Association of the Vie Francigene, is also available.

There are other publications as well that describe paths that are more or less different from the original one, which is marked in the area with street signs and white-and-red blazes.

As a matter of fact, some authors wrote their guides before the certification of the itinerary.

Italian path from the North border to Rome:
  • La Via Francigena a piedi – 3 – Da Siena a Roma in 12 tappe (Fiorin – Ediciclo Editore);
  • A piedi sulla via Francigena (Cosi/Repossi – Ancora Publisher);
Local paths:
  • La via Francigena nel Lazio – Radicofani, Proceno, Roma (Conte – Touring Publisher);
  • La Via della Costa, l’itinerario ligure per la Via Francigena: 300 chilometri da Mentone a Sarzana (D’Atti/Cinti – Terre di Mezzo Publisher); 
  • La via Francigena in Valle d’Aosta e Piemonte. 200 km dal Gran San Bernardo a Vercelli (Latini -Terre di Mezzo Publisher);
  • Via Francigena in Toscana – Carta escursionistica 1:50.000 – (LAC Publisher);
Vie Francigene in the South:
  • La via Francigena nel Sud. Un percorso di 700 km da Roma a Brindisi (Conte/Rossi – Touring Publisher) –ONLINE sale;
  • La Via Francigena del Sud da Roma ai porti d’imbarco per la Terra Santa (D’Atti/Cinti – Terre di Mezzo Publisher);
The entire path from Canterbury to Rome:
  • TopoFrancigena – (International Association of the Via Francigena); 
  • La via Francigena, da Canterbury alle Alpi – 1000 chilometri sulle orme di Sigerico (Latini – Terre di Mezzo Publisher);
  • Via Francigena – Pilgrim Trail Canterbury to Rome : 1 Canterbury to the Great St Bernard Pass (Cicerone Publisher)
  • Via Francigena – Pilgrim Trail – Canterbury to Rome: 2 Great St Bernard Pass to Rome (Cicerone Publisher)
The Via Francigena by bike:
  • La Via Francigena in bicicletta. Terzo tratto – da Siena a Roma (Fiorin – Ediciclo Editore);
  • Guida alla Via Francigena in bicicletta (Ferraris – Terre di Mezzo Publisher);
  • La via Francigena in mountain bike (Monte Sole bike group – Pendragon Publisher);
  • Ciclovia Romea-Francigena, from Rome to Benevento by bike (Ass. Cult. Secret Route).
Other languages
  • The Via Francigena – Canterbury to Rome: Canterbury to the Great St Bernard Pass (Raju – Cicerone Publisher)
  • Nous sommes faits pour marcher : A pied sur la Via Francigena du Val d’Aoste à la Place Saint-Pierre de Rome (Weill – Le Mercure Dauphinois Publisher);
  • La Via Francigena. Sur la trace des pèlerins de Canterbury à Rome (Grégoire – Ouest-France Publisher).
    • Via Francigena: Von Lausanne nach Rome (Retterath – Conrad Stein Publisher); 
    • Via Francigena. Mein Pilgerweg nach Rome: Auf dem historischen Frankenweg zu Fuß durch Italien (Weinlich – Tyrolia Verlagsanstalt Publisher);
    • Via Francigena: Auf dem Frankenweg von Canterbury. Der Pilger-Reiseführer (Kromer – Tyrolia Verlagsanstalt Publisher).
    • De Weg van de Franken I (Maastricht-Grote Sint-Bernhard) (Lecturium B.V. Publisher); 
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