Via Francigena

Betwixt and Between: Convergences between tourist and pilgrim experiences on the Via Francigena in Rome and Lazio

Redazione AEVF
Redazione AEVF

Linsen Lu Pilgrim Settembrini is a recent Master of Arts degree graduate of Sustainable Cultural Heritage at the American University of Rome. There, she mastered the fundamentals of effective management and communication between the various components of a cultural organization for its longevity. Her final project involved in-depth research utilizing the mixed-method approach of collecting quantitative and qualitative data on the linear cultural landmark, The Via Francigena, and its impact on pilgrim-tourist communities. Her research also included an internship at the Regione Lazio where she initiated a uniform method of collecting demographic data on Via Francigena pilgrims who travel through central Lazio. 

Her dedication to the field of cultural heritage originates from her arts and cultural studies background in high school, which culminated in a Bachelor’s of Art in Painting and Gender Studies.  Originally from Brooklyn, New York, she is an avid traveller currently based in Rome. She plans to continue working towards a revitalization of local communities through the maintenance of cultural heritage in Italy and the world. 

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