Via Francigena

Berceto, Via Francigena and Unesco: an opportunity for the territory

Picture of Redazione AEVF
Redazione AEVF

The municipality of Berceto, on the Parma Appenine, highlighted the potential for the territory crossed by the Francigena regarding the route’s UNESCO heritage candidacy.

Saturday 13th April saw moment of interaction which united a whole local community and saw the participation of hundreds of people: institutes, enthusiasts, historians, hiking experts and associations concerned with the theme of ‘Berceto, UNESCO municipality of the Via Francigena’.

 Some celebrities contributed to the celebration. Luciano Ghelfi, Rai Tg2 journalist, coordinated the speeches of: Alessandro Bosi, Franco Cardini, Philippe Daverio, Luca Mercalli, Don Carlo Pizzo, Massimo Spigaroli and Mario Tozzi. Attention was drawn towards various topics of discussion: “The Via Francigena, a European route” coordinated by Giovanni Capece; “The UNESCO opportunity, legal aspects and great investments for hamlet restructuring” coordinated by Rai journalist, Luca Ponzi, with conclusions by Irene Pivetti. The event also saw the input of the European Association of Via Francigena Ways (EAVF).

“UNESCO candidacy of the ancient route would be a great opportunity. In a time when everything seems to be divided, the municipality of Berceto finds itself with a shared objective, which unites 19,000 people. This recognition could, however difficult it may seem, benefit every single person” says the mayor of Berceto, Luigi Lucchi.

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