Via Francigena

Art on the Road, Presentation of New Work of “Epifanie” Project in San Lorenzo Nuovo

Picture of Redazione AEVF
Redazione AEVF

A presented of artwork in the framework of the “Epifanie” project carried out the by the Quasar Institute for Advanced Design took place on Friday, 25 October 2019, at the Council Hall of the Municipality of San Lorenzo Nuovo, as part of the “Arte sui Cammini” initiative, supported by the Lazio Region in line with the guidelines of the Council of Europe.

It is a winner of one of the seven selected projects (out of 35 presented) that encouraged the Lazio Region to create and install contemporary artworks along the spiritual routes, thus enhancing the valorisation work, started few years ago.

The initiative involved artists and cultural operators, called to confront historic, artistic and spiritual values of various religious paths crossing the Region to create artworks capable to harmoniously interact with natural and urban landscapes.

The project, awarded by the Quasar Institute for Advanced Design, exclusively concerns the northern section of the Via Francigena – from the border with Tuscany to San Lorenzo Nuovo – and is carried out on a specific section of the Via Cassia.

The project “Epifanie“, organized by the Quasar, was realized thanks to participation of artists, in particular Renzogallo and Andreco, who created six artworks: one – in the municipality of Acquapendente, near the Porta della Ripa, former access to the city; and five pieces – in San Lorenzo Nuovo.

“With the inauguration of this museum of modern art on the Via Francigena comes a project that has involved several institutions – comments Mayor Massimo Bambini – first and foremost the Lazio Region which financed the works, the Municipalities of San Lorenzo Nuovo and Acquapendente which supported them, the Quasar Institute for Advanced Design which created them – the realization of this project is the tangible testimony of the results that can be obtained by collaborating. The Via Francigena is undoubtedly a force of Tuscia; we are fortunate to have this unique tourist and cultural resource; we cannot in any way leave it out, but rather we must work to strengthen and develop it with new ideas and spread the knowledge with ever greater incisiveness. ” Epifanie” embodies all of this: development, innovation and knowledge. “

On the second photo: from left, Simone Quilici (Lazio Region), Elisabetta Ferrari (European Association of the Via Francigena Ways), Mayor of San Lorenzo Nuovo Massimo Bambini, Municipal Councilor Sandra Pifferi of Acquapendente and the Scientific Director of the Quasar Institute for Advanced Design, Professor Benedetto Todaro.