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Andrea Devicenzi’s Journey Continues, his Fourth stage from Montale to Berceto

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Redazione AEVF

Step by step, Andrea Devicenzi, the Paralympic athlete, is travelling the 1,000km from the Great St Bernard Pass in Valle d’Aosta to St Peter’s in Rome. With his leg, two crutches, and sponsors, Parmovo, BMW, Quixa and Dama Abbigliamento.

Having completed the first 300km, from 5th June Andrea will move onto the fourth stage of his journey, taking him and his team from Montale to Berceto, leaving behind the Po Valley to explore the Parma hills, arriving at the Passo della Cisa on foot.

For the first time since beginning their journey, the Viaggi in Gamba team will be accompanied by the sun. Devicenzi preferred to keep to distances that aren’t too challenging, never exceeding the 25 days.

Andrea’s team, formed of experts in engineering and material and solutions linked to disability, they are working on material and solutions to increase daily kilometres covered, but mostly to remove and/or alleviate difficulties that people with crutches may encounter on route.

The Via Francigena, my second experience on the road, follows my journey of internal personal growth, which in these 1,000 has developed ‘new’ perspectives, contributing to my over-twenties experience of this aid for everyone. By overcoming many barriers and accepting and achieving challenges which seemed impossible, I have understood the weak points of what we have on the market today, so I can work on and evaluate ideas to overcome these limitations. It’s a challenge within another challenge, tackled with passion, perseverance and fun.” explains Andrea.

Anyone can walk with Andrew and his team for however long they want, find his stops in the provinces of Piacenza and Parma below:

Wednesday 5th June: Montale – Fiorenzuola
 Thursday 6th June: Fiorenzuola – Fidenza
 Friday 7th June: Fidenza – Medesano
 Saturday 8th June: Medesano – Bardone
 Sunday 9th June: Bardone – Berceto

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