Via Francigena

An Education on the Via Francigena for the international Press

Picture of Redazione AEVF
Redazione AEVF

The Via Francigena is at the centre of an educational experience presented to eleven journalists of international standing and involving the city of Siena.

The program, which took place on 24 September, was run by the Region of Tuscany as part of a broader project carried out in cooperation between the regions of central Italy, with Umbria as leader through the group “Umbria & Francesco’s Ways”, aiming to promote themes related to the paths of spirituality.  These included, in addition to the Francigena, the Walk of Francis and St. Benedict, the Francescano della Marca and the Via Amerina.

The Sienese event included the arrival in town of the journalists in the early afternoon, a visit to the Santa Maria della Scala and an urban trekking experience on the path of #SienaFrancigena.

 “The tourism promotion requires an organized, coordinated and constant communication – said the Councillor for Tourism, Sonia Pallai – and the Via Francigena is taking on increasing importance within the international context on the dimension of sustainable tourism.  Thanks to a series of qualified and effective actions we can see increasing cooperation at the institutional level. Our programmatic and operational axis with the Tuscany region is generating mutual benefits, both for the enhancement of the paths of the Via Francigena that are on Sienese territory and for the promotion of the city in overall terms.”

Source: Official Press of the City of Siena