Via Francigena

All #ViaFrancigena Live broadcasts are online!

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Redazione AEVF

We are delighted to have been virtually with you in the last ten weeks through 29 live broadcasts in three languages! On our Facebook page we shared experience of the Via Francigena and other walking routes and kept each other company when it was possible to travel only from the heart with a power of thought.

We talked about new itineraries on foot and by bicycle, different sections of the Via Francigena, travel experiences of great walkers and the philosophy of the route.

Your extraordinary interest has allowed us to reach 522,000 persons from all over the world! The videos reached 130,000 views for an average of about 4,500 views each live. A real hit!

We also hold direct lives on our Instagram profile. The first three lives with Enrico Brizzi, Jack Jaselli and Monica Nanetti were highly appreciated!

In the next few months we will continue the live broadcasts, based on your suggestions and requests, albeit less frequently.

We remind you that you can watch all the shows on our YouTube channel, to recover the ones you missed.