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All roads lead to Rome

Redazione AEVF
Redazione AEVF

“All roads lead to Rome. One hundred kilometres from the centre of Christianity” is a project which will take place from 4-9 October, 2016.

On the morning of 22 September, 2016, at the Sala Aniene in the Lazio region, a press conference was held for the initiative “All roads lead to Rome – A hundred kilometres from the centre of Christianity”, organized by Earth Day in Italy ‘field of the European Festival Vie Francigene, in collaboration with ANCI Lazio, Hiking Federtrek and Environment, CAI Lazio, under the patronage of the Lazio Region, which will take place from 4-9 October, 2016.

“The Pope – Quirino Briganti Coordinator of historical, tourist and cultural events for the Jubilee in Lazio – has said that life is ‘a pilgrimage’ and invites everyone to “get on the Way “; strongly supporting this message,  the Lazio Region is giving new impetus to the regional network of  the Francigena, integrating and enriching it with a promotional project related to the symbols of spirituality in Lazio. The initiative will involve a number of associations of walkers to promote our Roads of Faith and to make the most of the regions of Italy, in the spirit of the journey as an opportunity to expand knowledge, meet new people and for personal enrichment. The historic paths, which are part of religious pilgrimage routes from East and West Europe, such as the via Francigena and the Walk of Benedict and Francis, will be crossed in the year of Jubilee, in the last hundred kilometres to Rome.   The goal is to promote a cultural and historical journey that will bring out “the Jubilee of Lazio” in coherence and harmony with the strong message of solidarity launched by Pope Francis “.

“All roads lead to Rome” is part of a series of initiatives to accompany the final phase of the Jubilee of Mercy in the Lazio Region and involves walkers, from 4-8 October, who will travel the roads of Lazio (Via Francigena in the North and South , the Way of Saint Francis, the Way of Saint Benedict) in the last stretch of a hundred kilometres, before entering Rome. On the evening of 8 October, the participants who have arrived in the capital will be welcomed at the Basilica San Paolo, a symbol of the ‘Walker’ from the Gospel. The event, which kicks off 4 October, the Feast of St. Francis, will see conclude in St. Peter’s Square the morning of Sunday, October 9 – The Day of Walking – on the occasion of the Angelus of the Pope.

“Thanks to Rome and Lazio – added Sandro Polci – artistic director of the European Festival Vie Francigene – which, along with the fantastic associations and dedicated municipalities have finally closed the “chain”of national walks and, like the Via Francigena, have been recognized by the Council of Europe as  international. Now, the same determination will serve to enliven and maintain the paths and the enriching experience of our journeys. Safe journey, my friends! “.

“In the Year of Walking- echoed Paolo Piacentini, President of FederTrek – the Day of Walking is enhanced with many events, several organized in the Region. Walking, from our point of view, means to recover the cities and a healthy relationship with the countryside; to walk along the cultural historical paths that lead to Rome, and that involve the whole region by promoting slow and quality tourism, is a very important opportunity. We thank the Lazio region for this collaboration.  We believe that the future of tourism will always be related to the topic of the slow travel of walking and cycling. “

Among the many groups, associations and individuals who have joined the initiative, there will be several different walks.  There will be a walk on the Via Francigena in the South – the road that linked Rome to Jerusalem – starting from Puglia.  There’s an event starting in Milan, travelling by bike on the Via Francigena in the north.  A group of walkers will also take an inter-route with stops in the most symbolic holy places of Lazio and capital.

“Take one step after another – said Pierluigi Sassi – President of Earth Day Italy – towards ambitious targets, without running and in the awareness of one’s own limitations.  This seems a perfect metaphor for development that is environmentally and socially sustainable. We have run for too long and now we realize that we have been on the wrong path.  Perhaps with smaller steps and more reason and they would not have caused the environmental disaster that is now under the eyes of all. We deeply believe in this journey as a means of finding in the right balance with individuals needs and with the environment.  We are very pleased with the proposal by the Pope, who is striving so much for the environment, to use the event of the jubilee to include walkers. It makes us very proud. “

The event will involve the municipalities crossed by the routes and the following associations and organizations: senza Frontiere, Mediterraid, Pontieri del dialogo, Amici del Cammino di Benedetto, Gruppo dei Dodici, Star Trekk, Cai Monterotondo, Camminando Con, Archeoclub d’Italia sede di Formello, Compagnia dei Lepini, Bici x Umanità, Associazione culturale DieciQuindici, Slow Francigena, LUMSA, INAF Istituto Nazionale di Astrofisica (Sport Without Borders, Mediterraid, Pontieri dialogue, Friends of Benedict Way, the Group of Twelve, Star Trekk, Cai Monterotondo, Walking With, Archeoclub of Italy headquarters Formello, Company of Lepine, Bike x Humanity, cultural Association DieciQuindici, Slow Francigena, LUMSA, INAF National Institute for Astrophysics).


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