Via Francigena

Alberto, the pilgrim for peace, is walking on the Via Francigena: “I’m going to Jerusalem, are you coming with me?”

Picture of Redazione AEVF
Redazione AEVF

Alberto Castellò, the “peregrino per la paz” (pilgrim for peace) is walking along the Via Francigena. The Spanish pilgrim returns on the Sigeric’s route, heading to Jerusalem.

Traveling for 6 years with over 29,000 km on his shoulders, Alberto walked the Saint James’ Ways, the Via Francigena and many other routes several times, always relying on providence. A constant choice of his wanderings brought him to the center of attention also as a pilgrim of record-breaking credential of 34 km long!

At the dawn of his 56th birthday (he will celebrate it on November 11), Alberto decided to head to the Holy Land involving all his supporters, friends and pilgrims as he walks by. His goal is to share the message of hope and peace via an extended march to Jerusalem.

“I feel I can do something important for this journey and bring a message of peace as a movement, in a group – Alberto tells us – it would be nice to be able to walk with other pilgrims. I have known so many people over the years, I have also brought my testimony to schools. Now I would like this pilgrimage to become a message of peace and to share it with other people, step by step, up to Jerusalem “.

Originally from Bocareint, a small town in Spain near Valencia, Alberto left for his journey only with a shell, a backpack and a lot of trust towards others. In recent days he was hosted by Alberto Conte at the Casa del Movimento Lento and today, 1 November 2019, he arrived in Fidenza, province of Parma, where he met Luca Bruschi, director of the European Association of the Via Francigena Ways (EAVF) to share the experience of the journey. Alberto was then received at the tourist office for a stamp of his credential. On Saturday the journey starts again towards Fonovo Taro.

The video-interview conducted by Luca Bruschi – EAVF director in Fidenza in front of the Cathedral: 

His dream is to undertake the journey together with many friends. Hundreds of kilometers of the Via Francigena await him to Rome. From there the pilgrim will go up the Bel Paese following the path of San Francesco, up to Assisi. Then he will set off again on foot to Trieste to continue towards Istanbul via the Balkans. The final destination of the journey is Jerusalem, where Alberto wants to bring the testimony of peace on behalf of all the walkers, with a backpack full of memories.

Note: at the moment you can follow Alberto’s pilgrimage via a social media profile on Instagram (@peregrino_por_la_paz) managed by a remote family member. Alberto does not have a mobile phone and his communications are possible thanks to the availability and generosity of those he meets on his way.