Via Francigena

“Adesso pedala” by bike on the Francigena to help Norcia

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Four bikes and one objective for the “Adesso pedala” fundraising project.


Luca MarzoratiStefano MeneghelloDaniel Rocco and Mirko Trentin are travelling from Milan to Norcia, and then Rome, along the Via Francigena from the Onlus “I love Norcia” and its “Progetto Arca“, working hard to construct a new multifunctional centre for the city, hit by the earthquake.  

The president of the European Association of the Vie Francigene, Massimo Tedeschi, met the four young men in front of the Cathedral of Fidenza, pausing on the Fiorenzuola – Fornovo leg of their journey, and he had them tell him how this experience began.  

“The idea is very simple” says Stefano “we asked ourselves what we could do to help the little city of Norcia and so we decided to unite the useful and delightful.  We mounted our bicycles and raised funds to cover our journey that crossed half of Italy! Various entities are supporting us and we are proud we are able to contribute!”

The four students of Milan created an online fundraising project with the aim of reaching 1,000 euros and they are already at a good point.  

“We’ve become very social” continues Daniel “an event like this, however simple, it’s good that it becomes known and supported as much as possible!  People appreciate pilgrims, those who willingly and with a spirit of initiative, put themselves to work and dedicated days to travel vast distances.  We update social media daily with curious anecdotes and facts that occur along the Via.   The route is magnificent and you can travel along it without problems, coming across places of a unique beauty.”

After saying goodbye, the exchange of details and pieces of advice for their pilgrimage, the four young men restarted their journey: the road is long and they still have another two weeks in the saddle to reach their objective.  

We invite you to visit the webpage of their project and to follow them on their Facebook event page.  

Luca Faravelli