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Acquapendente, S’Osteria 38 inaugurated

Picture of Redazione AEVF
Redazione AEVF

On 30th March in Acquapendente the S’Osteria 38 was inaugurated: a new location along the Via Francigena at the northern entrance of the small town of Alta Tuscia, in correspondence with the first rest-stop in the Viterbo area of the historic pilgrim route at 827km.

S’Osteria 38, promoted by social cooperatives Alicenova, Fattorie Solidali and Lacapracampa, was created from a project aimed at providing new high quality hospitality and quality. Equipped with a restaurant, pizzeria, bedrooms, an infopoint with organic and artisanal products, co-working space for study and work groups and areas for events and shows; S’Osteria 38 aims at an integrated offer of services for tourists and pilgrims who travel along the Via Francigena.

The Alicenoca coop president, Andrea Spigoni, explained this project proposal which links the collaboration between social cooperative and private partner, with a vision of touristic hospitality focusing on social and working inclusion with the option of using the structure for training courses and courses on living independently for those with disabilities or social unease.

Participating at the inauguration were the Councillor for Social Politics, Welfare and Local Entities of the Region of Lazio, Alessandra Troncarelli; the mayor of Acquapendente, Angelo Ghinassi with the Councillor of Social Politics, Valeria Zannoni; president of the European Association of Via Francigena Ways, Massimo Tedeschi (EAVF), who declared he was ready to collaborate in the creation of positive synergy between the EAVF and local entities.

An art exhibition was also set up on the same day, where works of Claudia Cecconi, Fabiola Di Tella and Francesco Scanu Lassu were displayed – all artists of international fame who accepted the honour of being the first to use the space.

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