Via Francigena

A task force of volunteers on the Via Francigena

Picture of Redazione AEVF
Redazione AEVF

The course “Accommodation/Support on the Via Francigena”, organized by the two municipal administrations of Pont Saint Martin and Donnas, and led by Laura Decanale, Teresa Charles and architect Silvia Stroppa, has now finished.


Sponsored by the European Association of the Via Francigena, the course consisted of three theoretical sessions focused on forming a group of volunteers to provide accommodation and to attend to the principal needs of pilgrims traversing the municipalities of Pont Saint Martin and Donnas.

23 certificates of attendance were issued by the mayors of Pont Saint Martin and Donnas, Marco Sucquet and Amedeo Follioley respectively.  Attendees were: Anna Bertino, Anna Challancin, Ennio Pedrini, Xavier Laurenzio, Daniela Benone, Teresa Charles, Silvia Stroppa, Enio Ratto, Giovanni Bertoni, Daniele Giovanni Frassy, Laura Bertone, Marilena Giovanetto, Mario Albusceri, Sergio Yon, Gino Agnesod, Amanda DI Domenica, Davide Mindo, Ugolino Enza, Gabriele Grosso, Martine Peretto, Franca Giovanetto, Michela Herera e Alfredino Vuillermoz.

The next objectives for the volunteers include: actives at the request of pilgrims or groups of pilgrims related to the municipalities of Pont Saint Martin and Donnas; working towards opening some churches that are currently closed, as well as opening several historic monuments that lie along the track of the Via Francigena for the weekends of July and August.