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10 tips for organizing your trip along the Via Francigena

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Redazione AEVF

Currently we are taking an advantage of having free time to thoroughly organize our next journey along the Via Francigena – a preparation stage often left out by some walkers.

That is why in this article we provide you some useful information and tips on preparation of your upcoming trip. It is especially useful for beginners or those researching the complex world of walking for the first time.


1. Train at home

Gyms are closed and travel is limited, but we can take advantage of this unexpected amount of free time to train at home. No special tools are needed to keep fit and get ready for the next journey.


2. Inquire about the itinerary

There are several Italian paths in various regions, such as the Via Francigena winding along many regions in Italy and numerous other routes which you can find here Choose the one you would like to undertake and inquire about more information about it and its places of interest.


3. Check the data sheet

It is important not to underestimate the length of the path, the travel time, the difficulty and the height difference of the various stages. This information will help you to determine if it is the right path for you and to understand how many days it will take you to complete it. Here you can find maps and GPS tracks of the whole Via Francigena starting from Canterbury


4. Imagine the best time to depart

It is not the right time to book trips or decide when to start your journey, however, based on the chosen route and its difficulty, you can think about the ideal season for walking.


5. Decide whether to embark on the journey alone or in a group

If you decide to undertake your next slow trip in a company of someone, take advantage of this moment to organize the trip together via video calls and messages. Here you can find all the travel proposals on the Via Francigena both with self guided formula or in a group


6. Make a list of things to put in your backpack

Here you can find excellent indications on how to prepare a perfect backpack for the journey


7. Equipment

Depending on a selected stretch of path, you will need different types of equipment. Check if you already have everything you need at your disposal or if you need to buy something new. Attention, you must be very careful when choosing shoes to walk your path.


8. Get a guidebook

A guidebook is a very useful tool to get more information about the path and to prepare oneself in case of unexpected events along the way. On our website you will find official guidebooks of the Via Francigena (from Canterbury to Grand Saint Bernard Pass and from Grand Saint Bernard Pass to Rome) that you can buy directly online


9. Look for useful contacts and inquire about accommodation along the route

Contacts and accommodation data will be useful when you decide to set off. It is good to find out about refreshment points, accommodations and camping sites along your chosen itinerary, especially in case you cannot make it to the foreseen stage. Discover here the entire hospitality network of the Via Francigena – accommodations, restaurants and services


10. Make a list of food to take with you

Check these tips to prepare your food supplies


Now all you have to do is get a pen and paper and start planning your next journey!

 Source: Paths of Italy