Via Francigena

Le cœur de la Via Francigena toscane en Italie, un voyage à pied – Sloways

Stop and look around. What you are seeing is the iconic Tuscan countryside – the one printed on postcards. But this is not a photograph, it is live and you are here!  In front of you lies the soft rolling hills scattered with cypresses, a gravel road stretching as far as the eye can see and a  horizon filled with more and more beautiful landscape.

Have you ever wondered which part of Via Francigena is the most spectacular? Here it is, in the heart of Tuscany. We decided to enshrine it in 8 days of walking, 8 days filled with emotion.

Self-guided tour (Anytime departures, maps and detailed description of the itinerary, luggage transfer, extra nights, additional stages, transfer on request).

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For reservation: call us +39 055 2340736
From Monday to Friday – 9.00 am to 6 pm –

Des détails

Nation: Italie
Région: Toscane
Cela commence: 1 janvier 2021
Jusqu’à ce que: 31/12/2021
Catégorie: Marche à pied
Typologie: Auto-guidé
Difficulté: Moyen
Durée: 8 jours / 7 nuits
Prix: 732€


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