Via Francigena

From Lecce to Leuca, the Via Francigena by bike

Princing notes:

This cycling route follows part of the Via Francigena in Apulia, the one that starts in beautiful Lecce and its Olivetan Monastery, to the Finis Terrae Sanctuary at Capo di Leuca.

Fortified masserie, solitary abbeys and ancient testimonies tell of the fascinating journeys that pilgrims once made. And today, as then, it is the Pilgrim’s Credential that will bear witness to our enterprise.

The first known account of a Christian itinerary dates back to 333 AD and is the Itinerarium burdigalense, written by an ‘anonymous pilgrim’ from Bordeaux. He travelled from Burdigala in France to the places of Jesus’ life through the dense road system of the empire, on a journey steeped in spirituality.

We will discover Salento and its history, made up of successive peoples and dominations, leaving this land in an eternal limbo of Christian and pagan sacredness:

– MTB and gravel bike routes in the Heel of Italy
– Local guide and constant support
– The charm of Lecce’s alleyways
– The treasures of the inland villages
– Underground crypts and Byzantine frescoes
– Pilgrim ports to Jerusalem

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Nation: Italy
Region: Puglia
Category: Bicycle
Type: Group travel
Difficulty: Facile
Duration: 5 days / 4 nights
Price: 520€