Via Francigena

‘Vie Romee. L’Europa in cammino’

A meeting dedicated to the three Vie Romee was held in Rome on 23 March. The President of the European Association of the Via Francigena ways, Massimo Tedeschi, the President of the Capitoline Assembly, Svetlana Celli, the Vice-President of EAVF, Silvio Marino, and the representatives of the itineraries involved, namely Mirko Pacioni, Board Member of the Italian Association Via Romea Germanica and Aleksandra Grbic, Project Coordinator of the European Association Romea Strata, attended the event.

It was an important moment to reflect together on the challenges of the three routes that have united Europe since the Ancient Roman Empire and created a crossroads of ideas and cultural exchange.

‘Via Francigena (from Canterbury), Via Romea Germanica (from Stade), Romea Strata (from Tallin) are on the road together,’ said the President of our Association. ‘Already on 11 September 2021, on the occasion of the arrival in Rome of the march ‘Via Francigena. Road to Rome 2021. Start again!” celebrating the 20th anniversary of the EAVF, the three Major Vie Romee signed an agreement to promote collaboration and create synergy at the service of pilgrims and travelers who, on foot or by bicycle, or by other means, arrive in Rome. Thus, at the heart of this agreement is Rome, final destination of the pilgrimage, where ramblers from all over the world arrive to visit and pay homage to the tombs of Saints Peter and Paul’.

The three Vie Romee are already collaborating in the framework of the three-year European Horizon 2020 project rurAllure. The project promotes cultural cooperation and accessible tourism along historic European routes, such as the Via Romee, the Via de Compostela and the Via de Sant’Olav in Norway. Moreover, an entire pilot project is dedicated to the three Vie Romees, focusing on thermal heritage pilgrims may encounter on their way to Rome.

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