Via Francigena. The Road to Rome

  • The Via Francigena
    The Via Francigena

Taking that first step on the way to Rome, it does not matter where one sets off or if you are a great athlete. The Via Francigena, the historic route from northern Europe leading to the Eternal City, is for everyone. Set out on the Way and follow in the footsteps of the pilgrims who, even before the year 1000, travelled down the Italian peninsula. They came from the British Islands, from the Fench Kingdom, from the farthest Regions of the Emperor. From the mountain pass of the Great St. Bernard, through the valley of Aosta, they entered the beautiful country of Italy, with its cities rich in both history and art.

Follow the trail markers that from the Canterbury Cathedral cross, onto the Pilgrim's Way, the British countryside until the white cliffs of Dover. Once crossed the Channel, the Way ventures into the gentle landscape of Picardy and into the Champagne lands, area stud by ancient cities: have a stop in Reims, and visit its Cathedral, and at the Clairvaux Abbey. Then the Way enters Switzerland, from Sainte-Croix à Vuiteboeuf, for then following the quiet Venoge unitl the Lemano Lake.

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