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Via Francigena Capacity Building: the EAVF Training Proposal for Public Bodies, Local Communities and Private Sector

To train local stakeholders and meet the demand for increasing experiential and sustainable tourism – this is the objective of the ” Via Francigena Capacity Building” training module launched by the European Association of the Via Francigena Ways (EAVF).The training is addressed to public bodies, tourist offices, trade associations, private sector and local communities. During the pilot phase, the project will cover the Italian section of the Via Francigena, to be extended to the entire European route in the nearest future.

Why Capacity Building?

To improve hospitality sector, stimulate increase in tourism flows and generate concrete economic benefits, it is essential to qualify the tourism product at a local level by training and direct involvement of stakeholders of the Francigena world. Numerous Italian routes compete thanks to infrastructure development and elaboration of tourist products and offers. To keep  a high level of quality and an outstanding offer it is necessary to respond with professionalism and excellent services to the specific needs of pilgrims and walkers.

Objectives of the course:

In this context the training offered by the EAVF intends to involve and train the main actors along the Via Francigena. Its focus is to improve hospitality services at local level for diverse users (pilgrims, hikers, tourists, cyclists, campers, etc.); increase customization of existing services or creation of new services (luggage transport, bicycle rental, hospitality, etc.) and promote knowledge and usefulness of already active territorial information and promotion tools (App, website, logos, events, etc.).

The training request emerged from the questionnaire realized by the EAVF and addressed to the municipal administrations along the Via Francigena. 80% of respondents consider it essential to increase skills of economic operators and local associations by focusing on the characteristics of tourism demand, communication, marketing and current issues such as sustainable and responsible tourism.


The EAVF offers a training course of different levels, adapted to the needs of a recipient. It offers a lab alternating theoretical / debate phases with practical and interactive experiences, work exercises useful for experimenting with different case studies. Specific sessions are foreseen to foster knowledge-sharing, information exchange, group cohesion and networking.

The adopted experiential methodology is interactive and homogeneous, with innovative didactic tools used onsite and remotely. The training course will be conducted by trainers – experts in tourism marketing, management of tourist destinations and participatory process, highly experienced in enhancement of Cultural Routes.

An EAVF certification is provided for Municipalities and operators who undertake the training course. A certification of participation or excellence is based on the achieved level and examination taken. Excellent achievements will be published on the website

For info and contacts: Tel. +39 0523 492792. Email:

Attached is the downloadable brochure.

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