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AEVF al Forum degli Itinerari Culturali
Via Francigena at the Forum on Cultural Routes in Łódź, Poland  

On 20 – 23 September the EAVF participated in the Annual Advisory Forum on Cultural Routes, organised by the Council of Europe in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of the Republic of Poland. 

This event conducted in Polish at Łódź served as a dynamic platform for cultural exchange and cooperation among various stakeholders in the realm of heritage and cultural routes, in particularly gathering over 250 participants – representatives of the 47 cultural routes, ministries and 40 members states, actors from the sector of tourism and culture and international organisations.  

The forum focused on the role of cultural heritage in the construction of a peaceful and democratic society explored the post-industrial heritage with a several study visits over Łódź, former center of textile industry.  

The Via Francigena, one of the oldest cultural routes certified in 1994, was featured in a panel discussion focused on creative industries with the presentation of the EAVF project manager Sami Tawfik, who showcased best practices of the association – the European project “rurAllure” and the ongoing photo contest “Share your Route 2023”. “rurAllure”, the Horizon 2020 project, is dedicated to digital mapping of heritage, research and cooperation between the routes, while the photo contest allows interaction with walkers and creates a dynamic visual collection of the route from the point of view of a pilgrim.  

On the last day of the event, Elena Dubinina, European projects manager, presented the upcoming Training Academy on Cultural Routes, which will be hosted on 4 – 7 June 2024 in the Italian city of Brindisi along the Via Francigena by the region of Apulia in cooperation with the EAVF. 

By participating in this forum, the Association reaffirmed its commitment to preserving and celebrating the rich cultural tapestry of Europe, making strides towards a more connected and culturally enriched continent.  

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