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Rigenerare dei borghi in Emilia Romagna
Transiting cultural landscapes: A project between Berceto and Calendasco for the regeneration of villages along the Via Francigena in Emilia Romagna 

Transiting Cultural Landscapes (2022-2026) – From the Guado del PO to the CISA Pass, regeneration of the villages of Calendasco and Berceto along the Via Francigena in Emilia Romagna” is a three-year project/process for the cultural reactivation of the territories between the first Calendasco (PC), and the last, Berceto (PR), Emilian municipalities located along the Via Francigena, and financed by the European Union through the Next Generation EU funds, within the framework of the Bando Borghi PNRR of the Ministry of Culture.  

The primary objective is to develop, through the regeneration of these territories, a new tourism and social economy. In the areas of interest of the project there are two of the most extraordinary places of landscape transition in Italy and to be rediscovered by local communities with a view to slow tourism: the Guado di Sigerico on the Po river (Calendasco) and the Passo della Cisa in the Apennines (Berceto).  

In addition to the two municipalities, the project envisages the participation of various organisations: Educarte, Cooperativa sociale per il turismo Berceto Nova, Associazione Appennino Ritrovato, Associazione Culturale Sentieri dell’Arte, Cooltour Soc.Cooperativa ARL, Associazione Arte e pensieri, Archivio di Stato di Piacenza, Frati e Livi Srl, and the Associazione Europea delle Vie Francigene. 

As many as 11 interventions are planned within the project activities: 3 tangible (consisting of the renovation of public buildings) and 8 intangible (such as guided tours and an ERASMUS for young pilgrims, aimed at triggering social innovation), and co-designed with the associations and stakeholders involved. 

Each intervention explores a different dimension of the TRANSITION (ecological, cultural, economic, etc.) that characterises contemporaneity.  

The start of work took place over the weekend of 8/9 July 2023, together with the first intangible (and cultural) intervention planned, namely the realisation of one of the three festivals in the two territories, the 6th edition of the Coscienza Festival, which is a partner in this project for the two-year period 2023 /2024. 

For more information, please contact: 

Vito Redaelli  

Project Management and member of SRSARCH Studio or visit the project channels: 

official project website 

Instagram page  

Facebook page  

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