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‘The Way of St Benedict and the ancient roads in the Latin Valley’ in Cassino on 19 December 2021

Luca Bruschi, Director of the European Association of Via Francigena ways (EAVF), frontline walker during the Road to Rome 2021 and passionate promoter of the Via Francigena, will take part in the conference, open to the public, ‘The Way of Saint Benedict and the ancient roads in the Latin Valley’, in Cassino on 19 December 2021.

In his speech, he will talk about the experience gained during the Road to Rome in the Lazio section and the section of the Southern Via Francigena.

The European Association of Via Francigena ways (EAVF) interveens in a round table organised by Regione Lazio to promote the ‘Cammino di San Benedetto’ and all ancient roads in the Latin valley.

The “Road to Rome” experience, a long walking and cycling journey organised by EAVF between 15 June and 18 October 2021 to celebrate the association’s 20th anniversary, will be narrated by Director Luca Bruschi, front-line walker during this event which shed international lights on the Via Francigena and built a network of over 600 European municipalities. The story of this adventure, that crossed the south of Lazio during September, becomes an example for other routes, such as the route of San Benedetto.

The round table will take place on the 18th of December at 4 pm in Cassino (Lazio), in the Palagio Badiale. On the 19th, a 2-hours hike will lead us to Montecassino, with a visit of the Abbey.

The event is open to the public:

See the full programme here

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