Via Francigena

The Via Francigena is featured on the HIKE Project Website!

We’re delighted to announce important updates about the EAVF’s new European project HIKE with the official launch of its website today! The project’s objective is to guide participants along three iconic European paths, promoting healthier and more active lifestyles through tailored hiking events designed for all fitness levels. This new online platform provides detailed information about free excursions, and activities planned across hiking routes in three countries involved in the project. Here participants will find trail maps, event schedules, and registration procedures. The news section offers updates, insightful articles, and educational materials on healthy habits and lifestyles, while the media section showcases photos and videos from the events.

Together with the European Association of the Via Francigena Ways, the following partners are part of the project:

Culture Routes Society: A non-profit organization in Türkiye focused on creating and maintaining long-distance routes for walking, biking, and horse-riding. It oversees more than 20 local and international trekking routes catering to various interests of hiking enthusiasts.

Paths of Greece: A Social Co-operative Enterprise dedicated to promoting Greece’s cultural heritage and environmental conservation through hiking trails. They specialize in designing, implementing, and promoting trails based on historical footpaths, tailored to modern needs.

The project’s schedule includes:

September on the Via Francigena: Explore the scenic path in the sunny Apulia region of Italy. Two hiking weekends will take place on the coastal legs of the itinerary, from Bari to Monopoli and from Torre Canne (Fasano) to Brindisi, featuring cultural, sports, and gastronomic activities, along with unforgettable sunset celebrations. More details on the Via Francigena agenda here.

October in Greece on the Via Egnatia: Journey along the Via Egnatia in Greece, where you can trace the remnants of this ancient road engineered by the Romans. Explore stretches covering Edessa, Prophitis Ilias, and Arnissa, with stunning waterfalls, interactive workshops, and cultural visits to significant industrial heritage sites. Learn more about our walks on the Via Egnatia.

November in Türkiye on the Tolerance Way: Experience landscapes that have shaped civilizations, from gentle strolls through historical districts to vigorous treks across rustic settings. Events will feature diverse landmarks, including Izmit’s scenic waterside and Kayalar Nature Parks, the charming villages of Servetiye and Kırıntı, and the ancient aqueducts near Gölkay Park. Visit the Tolerance Way section for more information.

Stay tuned to our website for the latest updates, registration, and organizational details!

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