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The EAVF pays tribute to its president Massimo Tedeschi, who passed away today

The European Association of the Via Francigena pays tribute to its great President, Massimo Tedeschi, who left peacefully after fighting an illness in recent months.

Massimo Tedeschi was a visionary who, on 7 April 2001 along with 34 municipalities and provinces, founded the Association of Italian Municipalities on the Via Francigena, which was transformed in 2005 into the European Association of the Via Francigena. Over these 23 years, the network has grown significantly, always emphasizing its international dimension, starting with its recognition as a Cultural Route of the Council of Europe, embodying values of dialogue, peace, and tolerance.

EAVF was built day by day around European values, serving as an example of grassroots cooperation among territories and a bridge of dialogue between peoples.

Under the leadership of its president, Massimo Tedeschi, AEVF organized and carried out a walking event “Road to Rome 2021” from Canterbury to Santa Maria di Leuca, on foot and by bicycle, to celebrate the association’s 20th anniversary. During this four-month event, the Francigena delegation met with all the municipal administrations and associations along the route.

Massimo Tedeschi leaves an important legacy to the entire European Association of the Via Francigena. There will undoubtedly be moments and ways to thank, remember, and celebrate the great President who had the vision and foresight to unite the territories to achieve a single goal: a unified Via Francigena, 3,200 km long, that collaborates to enhance the European route certified in 1994 by the Council of Europe.

“The European vision of Massimo was farsighted and crucial for the growth and enhancement of the Via Francigena. Continuing on the path he laid out with the same commitment and determination that characterized him is our duty to him. For me, Massimo was not just the President of EAVF, but above all, a brotherly friend whom I met 23 years ago and will never forget.”

EAVF vicar Vice-President Francesco Ferrari.

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