Via Francigena

Day 3 – Wissant to Guînes: walking with nature’s elements

The stage


👣 27 KM on foot – Friday 18 June

A very common, Northern European phenomenon happened to us Road to Rome walkers today. After yesterday’s sunny, first continental stage from Calais to Wissant, most of us were hoping to give our red, burnt arms and faces a bit of rest from this unexpected overload of UV radiation.

Little did we know what was waiting for us down the road…

A total of 27km separated us at departure from our destination, Guînes. The itinerary promised to be filled with green rolling hills, tiny French villages, and endless fields of flowers and grains. Not long after leaving Wissant behind us, however, the clouds made it evident that the sun wasn’t going to be on our side today. Very soon we found ourselves in the pouring rain, and for at least one hour we couldn’t see further than a couple of meters because of the thick fog surrounding us. Oftentimes such a sudden change of weather can be demotivating, but sharing the experience with other walkers makes it much more bearable and at times even fun!

The strong winds made sure that the rain disappeared after a while, leaving us with periods of beautiful sunshine and accompanying humidity. The Via Francigena took us from one winding dirt road onto another, and into some forests just before reaching Guînes.

As can be expected from a proper French lunch break, we each had half a meter of baguette at our disposal. To top this off we arrived in Guînes after 30min in pouring rain, and had the great pleasure to visit the Tour de L’Horloge and its museum.

One day, six different elements: Wissant to Guînes, we will never forget you!


Myra Stals, Social Media Manager (EAVF)

Luca Bruschi, Director (EAVF)

Didier Morel (FFVF)

Clair Waïss (FFR)

Massimo Tedeschi, President (EAVF)