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Day 27 – CHAMPLITTE TO DAMPIERRE-SUR-SALON: after rain comes music and massages

The stage


👣 18,6 km on foot – Thursday 15 July

There’s no such day as a good old French rainy day! In many parts of northern Europe there have been floodings and serious issues with the weather in the past few days. And here in France it isn’t any different!

This morning we were super surprised when arriving in front of the Municipality of Champlitte: quite a big group of local walkers had gathered there to accompany us on our way to Dampierre-sur-Salon. With them were also 4 mayors of the various towns we were going to cross along the way. The day remained rather rainy but this didn’t change our motivation to keep going forward. At Montot we were hosted by the mayor for lunch, after which we continued through fields and forests.

Another pleasant surprise was waiting for us when we arrived at Dampierre-sur-Salon: our host at Au Bon Vivant offered 10 minutes of massage to all of us walkers, and during dinner some local musicians played acoustic covers of French and international songs. A final music quiz before going to bed made sure our hearts were filled just like our bellies.

Massage upon arrival in Dampierre-sur-Salon
Musical entertainment during and after dinner
Mineral Museum in Dampierre-sur-Salon

Myra Stals, Social Media Manager (EAVF)

Martine Gautheron, Vice President (EAVF)
Jacques Chevin, staff member (EAVF)
Garance Potier, intern (EAVF)
Andrea Alessandrini, RTR Ambassador
Claire Waïss (FFR)
The mayors of Champlitte, Montot, Dénèvre, and Dampierre-sur-Salon
A big local group of walkers
Andrea Ciotti, videomaker