Via Francigena. The Road to Rome

The Italian doorway to the Via Francigena: from S.Bernardo to Aosta - Walden Viaggi a Piedi

31 Jul. 2021
08 Aug. 2021
8 days/7 nights
€ 990
Type of trip
Level 3

The importance of the Pass and the crossing of the Alps have a longlasting story: peoples, individuals and armies always needed to move from the North to the South of Europe.

For this reason, at the beginning of 1000, the abbey S.Bernardo from Mentone builds on the Colle a Hospice to shelter, assist and protect the many travellers passing by. Hospice du Gran-Saint Bernard is still today, for hikers across a millennial history, location of hospitality and welcoming. Initially, the structure was nothing more than a small refuge which could bearly shelter its guests. Little by little, with the passing of centuries, the building expanded so to ensure real support to all pilgrims. The Via Francigena stages that we will cross encompass this historical development.

We start by walking the last Swiss km before the border. We arrive at the top of the Pass and we can feel that we are up there, and maybe by stretching the eye we can capture the shape of the Italian boot before us. A unique sensation reserved to few observers. From the Hospice we go downhill into Valle d’Aosta: Alpin villages, peoples and cultures create the scenery of this route which slowly leads us  in the beautiful city of Aosta and further.

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