Via Francigena. The Road to Rome

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Cycling on Via Francigena, from Siena to Rome - SloWays

Are you ready to enter a postcard-like landscape? In the first part of this journey you will walk along the legendary dirt roads of Siena for kilometres and kilometres, crossing the Val d’Arbia and the Val d’Orcia

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Via Francigena by bike - Lucca to Rome - Via del Sole

From the ancient wall of Lucca, you can cycle through the breathtaking landscapes of Tuscany and Latium, reaching Rome in 10 days and enjoying all the highlights of the Via Francigena.

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The Quintessence of Via Francigena

0% stress, 100% active experience. Guided e-bike tour along the Via Francigena, where every detail is organized so you can enjoy a carefree experience.

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Cycling Via Francigena from Aosta to Pavia - SloWays

This journey allows you to discover the different souls of Italy: the tranquil rhythms of its provincial towns, the bracing air of its villages nestling between the Alps and the modern fascination of its industrial cities

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