Via Francigena

VFF01 - From Calais to Wissant

VFF01 - From Calais to Wissant

Gps Track

Gps Track

  • Total Length: 20,3 km
  • Difficulty by Foot: Easy
  • How to arrive: Ferries does not allow pedestrians at the moment, only cars, motorcycles and bicycles are allowed to cross the channel by ferry

The crossing of the Channel sea is swifter today than at Sigeric’s time. Boarding in Dover and landing in Calais, we quickly see the gorgeous belfry classified by the UNESCO and various other monuments. Don’t hesitate to visit the city, its museum of and fashion, and climb the belfry to discover terrific views over the coastline.
The official starting point of the Via Francigena on the continental ground is located in front of Our Lady Cathedral, architectonic jewel of perpendicular English style and Tudor style gardens. The symbol of the pilgrim lays against the building. To validate your step locally by making stamp it, you can go the Fine Arts museum, to the tourist office or to the entrance for the city hall belfry, if the church is closed. A blessing of the pilgrims is possible in Our Lady Church on demand just before Sunday evening mass: 6.30 pm in July and August, 6 pm in other months.

To keep on travelling the Via Francigena, head for the beach. You will discover the lighthouse, the fort Risban and the memorial to the submarine Pluviôse, vous découvrirez le phare, le fort Risban et le mémorial du sous-marin Pluviôse. Walk along the soft sandy beach whose colours throughout the seasons give the coast its deserved name “Opale Coast”. You will get to Blériot Plage passing through the beach. At the end of your marine trek, you get to Wissant, passing through Sangatte.  On a clear day, England can be seen from the monument to the “Dover Patrol” on top of the cape Blanc-Nez.

This step is 20,400 km long. Follow the red and white striped signs of the route GR 145. The website is under construction, you can find more information about the route on the official website of the county’s branch of the French Federation of Hiking, region Hauts-de-France.

To stamp your pilgrim’s passport with the official mark, in Calais:

• Our Lady Church, in opening hours.
• Fine Arts museum, 25 rue richelieu Calais. 13h-18h closed on Mondays (2 minutes walking away from the church).
• Intercommunal tourist office, 12 boulevard Georges Clemenceau. 10-18h (5 minutes walking away from the church).
• City hall belfry, place du soldat inconnu 10-12h-13h30-17h30 (10 minutes walking away from the church).
• Saint Peter Church, place Crèvecœur (20 minutes walking away from the church) from Tuesdays to Saturdays from 7 am to 8.30 am et 44 rue du four à chaux (parish) on Fridays and Saturdays from 10 am to 12 pm.

Accéder à Calais depuis Douvres :

By ferry :

Take the ferry from the Dover east quays to Calais (from € 34 – all seasons as pedestrian). 1 departure per hour 24 h / 24 (but limited services on board between 11 pm and 8 am). The crossings between the harbours of Dover and Calais from city centre can be roamed walking (short distance) or by bus.

The information feed about traffic with both ferry running companies between Calais and Dover in both directions:

P&O Ferries