Via Francigena

Terme della Via Francigena

Terme della Via Francigena


Terme della Via Francigena have a wellness area, where you can experience a moment of complete relaxation, letting yourself be lulled by the energy of the water and the pleasure of the heat and the vapors. On the “Wellness Trip” you will find a relaxing indoor hydromassage pool, which combines the beneficial properties of water with those of movement and an outdoor pool in the garden. The vapors area will welcome you with a soft Finnish sauna and a Turkish bath with aromatherapy and chromotherapy. A modern concept where it will be possible to enjoy the pleasure of the heat and the benefit of the steam, for the detoxification of the body, to combat stress, to alleviate muscular tension and rheumatic and articular pains. This path of wellness will improve your health. You will be surrounded by chromotherapeutic elements that represent our territory. Inside the walk, continue in the area of ​​the ice waterfall, the cooling showers and the Finnish water stream. These areas are associated with the areas of rest and relaxation, both inside and outside. 

In a concept of global well-being, where psyche, body and mind are conceived in their unity, in close synergy with the “Wellness Path”, Terme della Via Francgiena will offer a series of personal care services in the Beauty Area, which they complete the path dedicated to the regeneration and recovery of one’s energy. Our experts will take care of you and the charm of your body and your face. All the rituals of the beauty area will be carried out in spaces that recall the colors of the lush Tuscan nature: the bronzed gold of the wheat, the limpid and light green of the thermal water, the pearl color of the morning dew. beauty can offer you beauty treatments such as depilation of all kinds, manicures pedicures and facials. Pillo sauce water, present in the plant, can be classified as a salt-bromoiodic water, with extraordinary organoleptic and chemical components. It can be classified as mineral-chloride-bicarbonate-sulphate-sodium-magnesic, rich in free carbonic acid. It is therefore suitable to treat diseases related to the respiratory system (through inhalation therapy) and gastrointestinal (through hydropinic therapy).



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