Via Francigena. The Road to Rome

City of Seveux

Seveux, a French municipality of Haute-Saône in Burgundy-Franche-Comté, is located on the official path for the Via Francigena. It has joined the AEVF organization.
Seveux is a charming rural village whose inhabitants or visitors can enjoy the main commodities they may be looking for. Not far hence, there is Savoyeux harbour and its famous tunnel on the river "Petite Saône".
Here is the story of the city: in 52 B.C., the Gallic leader Vercingetorix was defeated by Caesar in the Belle Vaivre forest. This new victory will have given birth to "Segobodium", qui signifie "land of victory" in Celtic language. Since Gaul was invaded, the Roman Aggripa started to build a huge road network that would enable a quick trip to the policing legions. This building work will have been finished by Emperor Francis I in years 51 to 54. Segobodium then started to gain in importance as stop-off on the Roman way between Visantio (Besançon today) and Andelatunum (Langres).
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