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Baci del signore (PAT)

Baci del signore (Lord’s Kisses) are a traditional product of the Pavia area; they are small cakes shaped like buttons, weighing about 20 grams. They consist of two discs of biscuit filled with orange marmalade and partly covered with chocolate: a perfect combination of flavours comparable to the Sacher-Torte. Enjoy them with a cup of tea.

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Bonarda dell’Oltrepò Pavese (DOC)

This fresh and lively red wine, called Bonarda (the name probably has Lombard origins), is made with the Croatina grape variety, which is grown primarily in Oltrepò Pavese and the province of Piacenza.

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Grana padano (DOP)

The abundance of dairy farms in the Po Valley, between the rivers Adda and Mincio, facilitated the creation of Grana padano, dating from the twelfth century. The name refers to its tough and gritty texture that becomes sweet and tasty with maturing.

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Miccone (PAT)

This bread is produced throughout Oltrepò Pavese (an area in the Province of Pavia). Miccone is a hard white bread with a crunchy texture; the ingredients are wheat flour, water, yeast and salt.

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Pane giallo (PAT)

Pane Giallo is a traditional product of the province of Pavia. It is made with a mix of wheat (30%) and durum wheat (70%) flour, which gives it its typical yellow color. It is a round bread, crispy outside and soft inside, but rough when eaten.

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Salame Cremona (IGP )

It is made with selected meats of Gran Suino Padano DOP, seasoned with salt, pepper, crushed garlic and stuffed into natural gut. This dark red salami is compact, soft, fragrant and spicy.

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Salame d’oca di Mortara (IGP )

A typical specialty of Lomellina made with lean goose meat and pork meat and fat, seasoned with salt, pepper, herbs and spices. This purple sausage is exclusively stuffed into goose skin casings, sewn and bound by hand.

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